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Our Unique Culture of Fun & Inclusion
Ivy League Camps' Promise
Ivy League Camps is not a school, but a diversified, high-quality English language immersion enrichment program. Our counselors are not just supervisors, but guides and role models. Through a broad selection of expertlydesigned fun and engaging activities, our focus is to enhance children's Creativity, increase their Confidence, and improve their Communication Skills. These aptitudes are crucial in navigating the challenges of the classroom as well as on life's road ahead.
One of the most traditional and fun parts of Ivy League Camps is Assemblies. At these regular gatherings we learn camp songs and cheers, acknowledge camper birthdays, give awards to campers who have made noticeable achievements and see some great camper and counselor performances!
Cabin Groups
Cabin Groups are fundamental to the summer camp experience. Each Cabin Group has up to 15 campers of a similar age, and is supervised by up to three highly trained counselors. Cabin Groups each have their own names and badges, develop their own cheers or secret handshakes, and go to activities or compete in events as a group. They are a source of bonding and close friendships that last well beyond the summer.
Spirit Days
What would camp be without our famous Spirit Days? These fun, creative and wacky themed festivals are complete with costumes, celebrations and activities, including camper and counselor skits, songs and special games. We will notify parents in advance so that campers have time to get excited and prepare. Assemblies

Spirit Days

Crazy Hair Day - A purple Mohawk or green braids? Let’s see how crazy we can get!

Counselor Day - Dress up as your favorite Camp Counselor!

Wacky Hat Day - There’s no limit to your imagination, and anything can be a hat if you wear it on your head!

College Day - Wear a T-shirt from your favorite college or university!