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Progress & Achievement
Level Badges & Certificates
Camp is all about having fun, but also about trying new things and developing new skills. Ivy League Camps' Passbook encourages campers in this learning journey.

The Passbook details knowledge and skill achievement across all main sports, arts and other areas, in five levels, from “Novice” to “Champion”. Each level contains a set of skills, knowledge or completion goals, for example —— hitting forehand shots successfully in tennis, showing knowledge of the basic rules of golf, or participating in an Ivy League Camps mini art exhibition or theatrical perfomance.

Through the Passbook, campers can track their progress towards level completion and earning level badges and certificates. Campers in the Discovery Program and the Sports Program will each receive a personal Passbook.
Achievement Rings
Throughout each camp week, we guide campers to demonstrate the values of teamwork, make efforts in English and showcase their creativity. We recognize their efforts by awarding campers colorful Achievement Rings that campers display on their camp lanyards.

After several weeks at camp, campers’ English ability, creativity and confidence should show improvement. These abilities will significantly benefit them when they return to school in the fall and in their future lives.